Syngas Power | Why Syngas ?
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Why Syngas ?

Syngas is an alternative energy & fuel source to pulverised coal, coal seam gas & natural gas (LNG)

Syngas: The Superior Power Source


Low emissions at low OPEX, robust to environmental conditions.


High efficiency at low CAPEX


A local & secure source of safer energy

Cost Savings

= Lower cost, cleaner and safe energy from coal

Syngas Is =

Reduced Particulate Matter & Haze

Competitive Price & Enhanced Efficiency

Cleaner & Cheaper Power From Coal

Commercial Opportunity

Meet The Rapidly Increasing Global Demand For Energy

Syngas represents a significant commercial opportunity…

  1. SYNGAS has been produced quickly and efficiently from In-Situ Gasification pilot and demonstration plants around the world. Only one is a commercial operation – so far.
  2. Commercial SYNGAS delivery starts with a small, scalable, low-risk and minimal CAPEX project delivering SYNGAS to an existing commercial off-taker – most likely a coal-fuelled power station.
  3. Wherever in the world energy is imported or exposed to export prices and there is deep in-situ coal resources then there is a favourable economic environment for ISG SYNGAS production.

The time is right for Commercialisation…

  • A forecast competitive price position
  • Growing social resistance to the footprint and environmental risks of coal mining, coal seam gas and shale gas
  • Modern directional drilling technology allowing deeper (> 600 metres) and safe ISG operations
  • A gaseous fuel with the same low resource risk as coal mining
  • Zero particulate matter (PM2.5) released into the atmosphere
  • Delivering commercially viable reduction of SOx and NOx emissions to coal-boiler flue gases
  • The realization of prohibitive commercial barriers to capturing CO2 from coal-fuelled boiler flue gases

Target Market Rationale

The Challenge


Approximately seven billion people live on this planet. One billion are high-volume electricity users (Australia, North America, Japan and Europe) consuming massive amounts of electrical power. Six billion are low-volume electricity users consuming on average approximately 25% of the electricity that high-end electricity users consume. By 2040-45 the low-volume electricity users will approach the electricity consumption levels of high-volume users.


The Problem


It is only fair that Developing World low-volume electricity users aspire to become Developed World high volume users with access to cheap reliable coal-based electricity, as we have done for 200 years. The ELECTRICITY CHALLENGE is to achieve this global equity while reducing the global environmental impact of electricity generated from the traditional use and production of coal. The current ‘Business as Usual’ case predicts the proportion of world electricity generated by coal- fuelled boilers to drop substantially from around 60-70% to 30-40% and be primarily replaced by renewables. If this reduction occurs the absolute amount of global coal consumption will MORE THAN DOUBLE the amount consumed today with consequences for the environment resulting from increased emissions into the atmosphere of particulate matter (PM 2.5), SOx, NOx and CO2.

A Solution


A solution is to substantially reduce the dirtiness of electricity produced from coal. SYNGAS offers a viable, cleaner, cheaper and more environmentally friendly medium-term electricity delivery alternative to coal- fuelled boilers during the transition period until renewables replace fossil fuels 100%.

Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Stations


1. Worldwide 20%+of coal-fired boilers (50% in the US) will come off-line in the next ten years due to the end of the boiler’s operating life. Due to today’s stricter statutory regulations operative in most western jurisdictions for particulate matter (PM 2.5) and NOx &SOx emission these boilers cannot be replaced with a coal boiler. Alternatively SYNGAS fuelled Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) Power Stations can replace these coal fuelled power stations at a lower capital and operating costs. CCGT power stations fuelled by SYNGAS have a much lower capital cost, higher efficiency, much lower physical size, much lower fuel inventory, and much lower emissions than coal-fuelled power stations.