Syngas Power | Vision
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A substantial, long-term, locally sourced and competitively priced alternative energy produced from the In-Situ Gasification (ISG*) of deep un-mineable coal requiring NO FRACKING and posing NO THREAT to rural properties or aquifers.

Syngas Is:

Readily Available

There exists globally an abundance of deep un-minable coal readily available for in-situ gasification, hundreds of metres safely below acquirers and farming land.

Environmentally Sustainable

Substantially reduces the negative environmental impacts from coal, including no particulate matter released into the atmosphere and all CO2 captured with areal potential for sequestration.

Commercially Logical

A greater than 70% increase in efficiency compared to coal-fuelled Power Stations, and the delivery of substantial cost savings relative to imported LNG and Natural Gas.

Syngas Power Pty Limited Can:

Syngas Power Global Operations

  1. Deliver a stable priced fuel for power stations, alumina smelters, cement and brick works over long periods.
  2. Process the extracted raw material into pipeline quality synthetic natural gas (SNG).
  3. Provide a source of commercial CO2 for proteins or liquid fuel production or enhanced oil recovery.
  4. Extract gas used in feed stock for DME, methanol, urea and gas-to-liquids plants and the coming hydrogen economy.


Syngas Power Pty Limited’s vision is to commercialise the safe and clean delivery of Syngas via in-situ gasification of deep un-mineable coal.

  • The extensive resource, competitive price and environmental characteristics of ISG Syngas present a major commercial opportunity.
  • Recent quantum shifts in Australia’s and international gas markets due to traded LNG prices make jurisdictions with deep coal resources ideal for Syngas production.
  • Expanding Business as Usual coal fuelled electricity generation is environmentally unacceptable. Syngas provides a viable alternative to meet the rapidly expanding demand for energy.
  • Syngas Power to deliver the world’s first Syngas commercialisation project in Chongqing, China. First Syngas production expected by Q3 2016.
  • JV agreed by both Harp Syngas Ltd (HSL) and Chongqing Tianfu Coal Industry Co. Ltd (CTCI) boards.
  • Syngas via ISG has the credentials for a Social Licence to Operate.
  • It is safe, has a small environmental footprint and environmental advantages over mining and use of mined coal.
  • Syngas delivers local community and wider stakeholder benefits.
  • Directed at creating rapidly increasing valuable assets.
  • Raising funds to explore EPC 2907 and progress substantial new Syngas energy provinces in the Hunter Valley of NSW, in the Collie region of WA, in The North of the UK, in Hokkaido, Japan and commence the identification of a Syngas project in China.

SPPL has created valuable assets:

  • Expert team; twenty reputed, highly qualified technically and commercially experienced individuals
  • EPC 2907 coal exploration permit, Queensland; exploration target >600 MT of coal, equivalent to 6,000 PJ Syngas
  • Heads of Agreement with Griffin Coal, Western Australia; access to nearly half the deep Collie coal
  • Collaboration Agreement with Power Station; to conduct a scoping study to deliver Syngas to Hunter Valley coal-fuelled power station boilers
  • Five potentially gasifiable deep coal exploration targets, The North, UK; close to three coal-fuelled power stations
  • Favourable site profiles and project drivers inventory; for Syngas provinces
  • SPPL’s current activities are performed by experienced management, technical and commercial personnel
  • Remunerated by share options ONLY. They are highly incentivized for company success.