Syngas Power | United Kingdom
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United Kingdom

Syngas Power is in the process of securing a Heads of Agreement with three large power stations in the North of the UK. The project will deliver syngas to co-fuel coal power stations.

Why Syngas Power in the UK

Depleted local gas reserves requiring an alternative & competitive gas source

  1. North Sea oil & gas to be depleted by 2021
  2. High gas prices – US$9/GJ
  3. At the end of the European gas pipeline from Russia – energy security
  4. Coal-fuelled power stations only consume expensive imported coal
  5. Deep coal reserves close (<10kms) to coal-fuelled power stations

“The Oil & Gas industry lost £5.3bn in 2014 and without sustained investment critical infrastructure will disappear, leaving fuel in the ground”

UK Oil & Gas Industry 2014


The North – Electricity Supply

  • HOA being finalised with owner of seven (7) mining licences near three existing power stations for access to deep coal
  • Collaborative study discussions underway with three local coal-fuelled power station
  • Parallel work on CO2 removal from syngas stream & use as commercial feedstock