Syngas Power | Syngas Power in China
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Syngas Power in China

Syngas Commercialisation Project In Chongqing, China

Why Syngas in China

  1. Power demand forecast to rapidly increase
    • Cleaner power demand
  2. 70% of current power from pulverised coal
    • Responsible for 60% of air pollution
    • Responsible to 60% of city haze, increasingly unacceptable
  3. Extensive coal resources suitable for gasification
  4. Coal-fuelled power station & coal mines within close proximity and under same ownership
  5. Recent Chinese Central Government edict – “There will be no new coal mines!”
    • Substantial clean electricity price surcharge
    • What is replacing coal? – nuclear, LNG, gas from Russia, ISG syngas?

Syngas Power’s Flagship Project: Chongqing Syngas Commercialisation


  • JV agreed by both Harp Syngas Ltd (HSL) and Chongqing Tianfu Coal Industry Co. Ltd (CTCI) boards.
  • CTCI–HSL JV signing achieved in Sydney 27 July 2015.
  • CTCI provides to JV – ~10 mt of reserve coal, surface area, pipeline ROW & grid-connected power station.
  • CTCI provides to JV – electricity off-take agreement at grid prices plus “clean energy” surcharge.
  • HSL provides to JV – syngas project delivery capability
  • HSL provides to JV – cash estimated at RMB 60 mio (US$10 mio).

JV Structure and Asset Overview