Syngas Power | Japan
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Japan’s economy is burdened by extremely high LNG and Coal import prices. Syngas commercialisation provides an opportunity to substantially reduce the cost of gas, through the in-situ gasification of deep coal.

Why Syngas Power in Japan

84% of Japanese energy is imported – coal and LNG

LNG & coal imported via South China Sea


High natural gas prices due to imported coal- US$15/GJ


The North – Electricity Supply


Syngas supply to existing coal-fuelled Power Stations

  • High priced imported coal ~ US$ 5/GJ
  • Co-fuelling pulverised coal boilers with local syngas at US$3/GJ plus significant operational and environmental advantages at no additional cost
  • Extreme high price LNG gas market – US$15/GJ
  • Medium term (5-7 years) supply of SNG at US$5.50/GJ
  • Nuclear power plant closure raises energy security issue for Japan. 16% of Japan’s energy sourced locally – 84% imported majority through South-China Sea
  • Substantial deep coal reserves in Hokkaido
  • Three potential coal access sites identified
  • Two potential coal-fuelled power stations in the vicinity
  • Discussions underway with potential Japanese partners