Syngas Power | Australia
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Syngas Power is pursing exciting opportunities in the Cooper Basin, Collie Coal Basin, and the Hunter Valley. Syngas Power’s Coal Tenement EPC2907 contains substantial deep coal between 500 and 2,400 metres deep, prime for in-situ gasification.

Why Syngas Power in Australia


Australia’s eastern seaboard domestic natural gas markets are becoming increasingly exposed to export markets. LNG exported from Queensland is forecast to rise from a price of A$3.50-4.50 per GJ, to A$ 8-12 per GJ by 2017.



The capped contract volume of the long-term WA domestic gas supply agreements will be surpassed in 2015, exposing domestic WA natural gas consumers to Asian LNG prices of A$10+ per GJ.


Cooper Basin – synthetic natural gas (SNG)

Exploration Permit Coal 2907

  • In south-eastern corner of Queensland (EPC2907)
  • Substantial deep coal between 500 and 2,400 metres
  • In-situ 7.9 billion tonnes (84,000 PJs)
  • Inferred JORC of 1.2 billion tonnes to be reported
  • Medium-term project – SNG delivery in 5-7 years
  • Situated 30 kms from existing gas pipeline
  • Situated 70 kms from Ballara Gas Plant & hub
  • Opportunity to supply SNG into existing QLD gas pipeline network
  • Local gas prices >A$7/GJ exposed to LNG-export markets

Collie Coal Basin – syngas supply

Collie Syngas Project

  • Collie coal basin, 220 kms south-east of Perth, WA
  • Access agreement in place for half Collie deep coal
  • 28 deep coal seams targeted – 10-80,000 PJ
  • Collaborative agreement discussions underway with two collie power station owners
  • Three coal-fuelled power stations between 1 and 7 kilometers of coal
  • >A$1 billion per annum gas markets within 120 kms
  • Local gas exposed to LNG-export prices -> A$7/GJ
  • Historically local gas prices < A$3/GJ


Australia: Hunter Valley NSW – electricity supply

Hunter Syngas Project

  • Signed collaborative scoping study agreement with Macquarie Generation, Australia’s largest black-coal power station
  • Substantial deep coal deposits within 30 kms of PS
  • Step-wise expiry of very low-price long-term local coal supply contacts from 2015
  • First of four large (500 MW) old boilers due for staged (every 2-years) retirement with CC(syn)GT power plant
  • Project progress hindered by the difficulty of obtaining access to deep coal from major coal mine owners in the vicinity